About Us

What is ToonCave?

ToonCave is an online video-sharing platform specifically for animated content. Users can also create their own animation in the browser via the CaveHub feature and buy ToonCave graphic tablets in the shop.

Our Mission

ToonCave exists because there is a lack of existing platforms for independent animators and there is a supply of attention and interest from animation fans for their content. ToonCave bridges the gap between animation fans and independent animation creators by providing a service that gives independent animators a platform and animation fans a chance to seek out new content, stories, and talent.

As an animation fan myself, I get excited to see an independently animated series debut on YouTube. But that excitement turns to disappointment and sadness when we find out our favorite creators have abandoned their projects because there is a lack of interest by the audience or lack of commitment due to funding and resource issues. We know that independent animation is charming and entertaining enough to get attention on its own, but we also know that YouTube is a platform with many categories of videos, and that makes it easy for independent animation series/films to get lost in the crowd.

Independent animators are left to fend for themselves in the animation industry. Studios gate-keep access to their company’s software and quality graphic tablet prices continue to soar. ToonCave solves these problems as well. In the near future, perhaps before Series A, we intend to launch the CaveHub feature that allows users to create animation in the browser. CaveHub will have a simplistic yet engaging layout design to optimize user experience for amateurs as well as professionals. CaveHub will include brand new physics-based tech that will allow animators to loop their in-between drawings thus making the process of in-between drawing less tedious and repetitive. Our hardware tech, are graphic tablets, that will be sold in the shop to consumers for competitive prices with optimal quality. The graphic tablets sync to CaveHub and have special buttons that connect to our browser software.

ToonCave will change what it means to be an independent animator in the field of animation.

For a lot of us, our nostalgic love for cartoons, animation and storytelling carries into adulthood in which the beginning of something new, begins with something you once knew.