Media Kit

Advertising with ToonCave

Ad campaigns are a great way for you to achieve your marketing and key performance goals. ToonCave connects you to an audience, gives you several different format methods to display your products, and allows you to analyze your results and track impressions. People on our website spend their time viewing ads and the next one could be yours.


Display ads ensure high engagement and long-lasting brand awareness.

Main Banner (Home Page)

970 x 600 on Desktop
640 x 600 on Mobile

Mini Banner (Home Page)

970 x 90 on Desktop
640 x 200 on Mobile

Box Banner (Home Page)

600 x 600 on Desktop
600 x 600 on Mobile

In-Viewer (Above Comment Section)

600 x 500 on Desktop
600 x 500 on Mobile

Specifications: Please send the images with the right dimensions with file types: JPG, PNG, GIF and a 150 KB file size limit.
Blocked Categories: ToonCave is IAB compliant and will prohibit and block inappropriate ads.
Performance Report: ToonCave will submit a performance report to the advertiser which will be delivered via email.