Toon Cave

For an investor’s copy of the Astur’s Rebellion pitch package please email me at []

EDIT: A public pdf version of the pitch package will no longer be available. Thank you to those who have read it and showed some interest!

MacFarlane stated, “I spent about six months with no sleep and no life, just drawing like crazy in my kitchen and doing this pilot.”

Collateral Damage Studios (concept art and illustrations)

Christopher Mansing (logo art)

Anh (Ducanhart) (greyscale environmental art)

Sara Eissa (writer and creator)

11 thoughts on “Toon Cave

  1. Where is the download button for this pitch described above? Really liked what they said in the Clownfish video on youtube and wanted to know more. Where is the downloadable link to look and read up more on this project?


    1. Hi there, it should be back up now. I got rid of the season’s list, sample episodes, and character development arc pages because they contained spoilers. Please understand, and thank you for your interest


  2. When I saw the cover I just thought “this has to already be in production” and I tried to search for it. I really hope I can watch this one day.


  3. This looks so friggin’ cool! I love the animation style, and the premise has a lot of potential. I am genuinely excited, and really really hope this gets made.


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